I Produce – I Direct Convention is a platform that aim to develop the talent of music producers, video directors and sound engineers while accompanying them through workshops, training sessions, master classes and panels discussions on music production and video directing with topics such as music, mixing, mastering, vocal tracking, music placement, music publishing, video editing but also give them the tools to excel and succeed in this changing and disruptive music industry.

I Produce I Direct will invite music industry moguls around the world. It will be a unique platform on which our renowned music producers, video directors and engineers will share their experience and know-how with the up and coming generation of music producers, video directors and engineers.

I Produce – I Direct Convention will be the spot to help them to tap into their inner potential but also network with their peers in the music industry to build strong and fruitful partnerships.

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Talent can be described in a multitude of ways, it can be an innate skills or a learned through years of practice but occasionally, it’s a mixture of both, which happens to be the case of Boubacar DJIBA. Also known as VAZY, Boubacar is a Music Producer, Songwriter, brand strategist, entrepreneur, graphic and sound designer.

He started his independent label Vazy Music which aims to create a new waves of sound and artists the same year he bump into Mary NDIAYE hitlab profile an artist spoted by Akon and singed under universal Sweden seeing the talent she had Boubacar Djiba decided to managed her career in Senegal by crafting a strategic penetration plan and placing her music videos on local Tvs, radios and on Trace TV etc…thanks to his work Mary gain a very big success.

In 2013, Boubacar signed a publishing deal with Haussman&Miller Publishing which gave him the opportunity to work with the French producer Spike Miller and to do his placement for the talented French artist S.Pri.Noir for the song Skyfall in featuring with Black M (Sexion d’Assaut), the song went number 1 on iTunes, Generations, Skyrock radio and on Trace TV urban charts (RAP2RUE). He also worked with Moctar Sall Nexthep Music Publishing.

With a solid experience in the creative industry Boubacar is running his own label Vazy Music but also helping and inspiring upcoming artists. 

Boubacar Djiba

Ceo&Founder - I Produce - I Direct