Welcome to the first Educational Platform for

Music Producers, Engineers and Video Directors in Africa.


We empower and educate up-coming creatives
We Connect Creatives

with life changing opportunities

Empowerment and Education

We empower and educate up-coming music producers, video directors and engineers with specific talks, training and workshop that will help them to foster their creativity. 

Networking Opportunities

We provide panels, one on one’s, meet & greets, and workshops with music producer experts around the world to illustrate the broad spectrum and global standards of the music industry.

Top Notch Panelists

We use our large network of industry professionals around the world to strengten the talents of our local creatives.


We teach how to utilize music and video production tools as an effective means for success in this day to day evolving music and entertainment industry.



We want through this platform, change the narrative with African producers, engineers and video directors. 

Number of Days
Our Speakers

The music industry is constantly evolving, artists, music producers, video directors and sound engineers needs to be more creative, entrepreneurial and tech savvy to succeed in this ever-changing industry.

Boubacar Djiba

Founder I Produce - I Direct

Discover Our Key Industry Speakers.

Irko Multi Platinum Engineer - USA
Anno Domini Multi Platinum Music Producer - USA
Godwin Tom Talent Manager Nigeria
Majestic Drama Multi Platinum Music Producer - USA
Akinyemi Ayinoluwa Music Attorney/Partner at Hightower Solicitors - Nigeria
Jean Pierre Seck Ceo All Made France/Senegal
Unlimited LA Video Director - Nigeria
Moctar Sall CEO - Moctar Sall - Senegal

Check Some Of Our Topics

Music Placements

for Music Producers

Color Grading

For Videos


The Art of levelling


Achieving the highest sonic sound


Protecting and Securing your rights


Choosing the right sounds and effects



Music Business for Creative Entrepreneurs

Learn from top notch Music Business Jean Pierre Seck who is behing the success of many french artists.

The Art of Mixing

Learn from top notch Multi Platinum Award Winning Engineer.

Credits: Jay Z, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Rick Ross, Tory Lanez and many more

Placing Beats, Producing Hits & Making Money in the digital era.

Learn from top notch Multi Platinum Award Winning Music Producer Anno Domini.

Credits: 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Tech N9ne, Rick Ross, Wu-Tang Clan, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike, Ford, BMW, NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC and Rokstar.

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What People Say About Us

Je suis heureux de voir la création d’une telle initiative en Afrique pour soutenir et résoudre les problèmes dans l’industrie musicale car la communauté de producteurs de musique, ingénieurs et réalisateurs représente une niche dans la grande chaîne de valeur de l’industrie et ils sont souvent oubliée dans les conversations.


Michael Ugwu

Ancien Directeur Général Sony Music Afrique de l'Ouest - Ceo/Founder Freeme Digital/Music/Space

“This is a great and interesting initiative that will help build our music ecosystem and give the tools to upcoming creatives".

Coco Jean

CEO Radio Live

“If there's a platform to definitely watch it's this one because it connects hundreds of creatives with life changing opportunities".

Moctar Sall

CEO Moctar Sall

“Music and Art today are more and more digital, and everybody is producing and directing... iProduce iDirect is the future ».

Tal Rek

CEO Djandj